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3 reasons why it is important to have fire extinguishers at work

Here at Blue Pulse, we keep our finger on the pulse to ensure that your business keeps on top of industry change and ahead of the competition. Fire safety in the workplace is so important, it’s something that should never be ignored or put off for another day. Installing the right fire extinguishers, and ensuring your employees are fully trained to use them could save your business from disaster.

Prevent fires with hazard awareness

Ensuring your workplace is safe to minimise fire risk is the best course of action. Fire safety training will not only teach your staff how to deal with a fire, but also to understand how fires can start, and so they become more aware of potential fire hazards. Once staff understand that a little frayed wiring should be reported rather than ignored, a fire could be prevented. Small measures, such as making sure that emergency exits are never blocked, can save lives.

Risk assessments bring valuable knowledge

As part of the process of installing fire extinguishers in your workplace will be a risk assessment. This can highlight problem areas that are potentially unsafe that you may be totally unaware of. Develop a procedure for a fire and make sure everyone knows about it. Instructions should be available to everyone and clearly visible. Emergency lighting can be hugely beneficial if a fire causes a power cut and the building is plunged into darkness. It’s also important to take into account an emergency exit procedure for anyone with disabilities. It’s no good simply deciding that everyone will head for the stairs if the lift is down and there’s a fire, if you have staff who use wheelchairs. A good plan can put everyone’s mind at ease.

Encouraging staff to take responsibility

Training for the event of a fire gives everyone the ability to help in an emergency situation, the skills to deal with a fire in the correct manner, and to be proactive with fire prevention. Practice fire drills will give you the reassurance that you have everything covered, and a muster spot will enable you to do a head count and make sure no one is left inside. Make sure your staff know the procedures well and feel confident in using a fire extinguisher. If you have several types of extinguisher, knowing which to use on a particular type of fire is very important. You should also have a plan in place if a fire breaks out when you have clients or other guests in the office. Cover all angles and you’re keeping everyone, and your business safe.

Get the best fire training

Our fire training courses are bespoke, tailored specifically for your business. When you enlist our help with your fire training, you can rest assured that nothing will be left out, and your staff will receive expert training to make sure they are fully competent in the handling of extinguishers and know exactly what the emergency evacuation procedures are. With Blue Pulse, your fire safety is in safe hands.


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