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Professionalism, Quality and Innovation

Who We Are

At Blue Pulse Ltd, we pride ourselves on being leaders in the field of training and consulting services since our establishment in 2011. Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated through our rigorous approach to education, our dedication to environmental sustainability, and our focus on inclusivity and diversity. We ensure that every aspect of our organization reflects the highest standards in the industry.

Our industry-leading training programs are designed to empower individuals with essential skills tailored to their chosen fields. We collaborate with experts to maintain an up-to-date, relevant curriculum, ensuring that our learners receive the highest quality education. Our completely qualified and highly trained staff use the most recent training techniques and cutting-edge technology equipment to ensure that your employees are prepared for any situation.

As a responsible organization, we emphasize environmental sustainability, adopting eco-conscious practices and fostering a culture that prioritizes reducing our environmental footprint. We believe that by leading through example, we can inspire others to follow suit.

Inclusivity and diversity are integral to our values, driving us to create a diverse and inclusive learning environment and workplace culture. We champion equal opportunities for growth and development for all individuals, regardless of their backgrounds.

Our dedication to excellence has been recognized through numerous accreditations:

  • ISO 9001:2015 No.QS.23.009

  • ISO 29993:2017 No.LSOFE.23.001

  • ISO 21001:2018 No. EO. 23.001

  • Certificate No. (Department of Labour Inspection, First Aid Provider)

  • Certification no. ΔΕΚ000 625 (Approved from HRDA)

  • Certification ΚΕΚ no. Κ000593 (Approved from HRDA)

  • RLSS Approved Training Center

  • CPD Certification Service MEMBER 13735

  • PECB Authorized partner 

  • Security/Guard Course in line with Cyprus Law Ν. 125(1) / 2007 (Approved by Chief of Police)

These achievements have positioned us as the first company in our sector globally to be accredited with three ISO systems from two different organizations: Cyprus Certification Company and IQNET.

At Blue Pulse Ltd, our unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with our steadfast core values, positions us as the leading provider of training and consulting services since 2011. Our goal is to create a lasting impact on the lives of individuals and society, enabling our customers, learners, and other beneficiaries to thrive in their chosen fields.

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